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Glossary of Terms:

Ply and Batten = Ply with wooden batten trim.

Tongue & Groove with ā€œVā€ join: Tongue and Groove joints with a bevelled “V” groove on the joints.

ā€œVā€ Grooved = routed “V” shaped grooves in plywood.

Rails = battens running horizontally.

Styles = vertical battens on each side of the door.

Mullions = vertical battens other than on the sides.

Split rail = horizontal rails are split with part of each on each section.

Bevelled edge = 45 degree routed edge on internal edges of all battens.

Flush fit = when the outside face of the cladding on the door is flush with the outside face of the cladding on the building.

Plant on border and battens = border and/or battens are laid over other cladding.

Flush border and battens = border and if applicable battens cut in to be flush with other cladding.

Where 4 x 3 or 5 x 4 etc. is used, this describes how many panels high and wide, in that order.


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